Summary for the 64th meeting of Ecma TC39

Ecma Technical Committee 39 held three day meeting at Bloomberg in NYC on May 22nd - May 24th, 2018. Agenda can be found here (note: committee has adopted new agenda format based on the stage of proposals)

New Proposals

TC39 discussed 10 new proposals. 7 entered staging process to discuss towards specification, and 3 remains at Stage 0 for further investigation before consensus.

Advanced to Stage 1

Advanced to Stage 2

Needs more discussion (remains Stage 0)

Existing Proposals

Advanced to Stage 2

Advanced to Stage 3

Advanced to Stage 4 (will be added to ES2019)

Demoted to Stage 2

A conflict with other proposal was found, champion group and committee has decided to move following proposal from Stage 3 to Sage 2. Please see notes for more information.

Needs more discussion/information

These proposals were discussed but did not advance to next stage at the meeting. Please refer to "Conclusion / Resolution" section on the notes to see the outcome of discussion.


Status updates from proposals working twards stage advancement.

Changes to existing specification

Consensus Reached Pull Requests

Needs more discussion

General Discussions

Topics related to ECMAScript specification activities.

Organizational update