Summary for the 66th meeting of Ecma TC39

Ecma Technical Committee 39 held three day meeting hosted by Paypal in NYC on September 25th - September 27th, 2018. Agenda can be found here.

New Proposals

TC39 discussed 6 new proposals. 5 entered staging process to discuss towards specification, and 1 remains at Stage 0 for further investigation before consensus.

Advanced to Stage 1

Needs more discussion (remains Stage 0)

Existing Proposals

Advanced to Stage 2 from Stage 1

Advanced to Stage 3 from Stage 2

Needs more discussion/information

These proposals were discussed but did not advance to next stage at the meeting. Please refer to "Conclusion / Resolution" section on the notes to see the outcome of discussion.


Status updates from proposals working towards stage advancement.

Changes to existing specification

Consensus Reached Pull Requests

Rejected Pull Requests

Needs more discussion/information

Breakout Sessions

At this meeting, TC39 had break out sessions on following topics. Please see notes for each topic.

General Discussions

Topics related to ECMAScript specification activities that were presented at the meeting

Updates from ECMA-262 Editors Group

  • Starting to finalize ES2019. Proposals that make it to stage-4 by November meeting will be part of ES2019.
  • Brian Terlson will be stepping down from the Editor Group after ES2019 is finalized (around May 2019)

Organizational update

  • 2019 Chair Group was nominated
    • Will likely hold an uncontested election in November. Please see slides for details.
  • TC39 has nominated Brendan Eich and Allen Wirfs-Brock as ECMA Fellows (To be approved at ECMA General Assembly in December)
  • Test 262 work group has been developing Tests Reports Project
  • Archival effort to document history of TC39 has started by ad-hoc TC39 History Group
  • Few topics on Ecma policy were discussed
    • This is the change in Ecma policy to add “invited expert” status
    • BFS, DE, and YSV will be talking to the Ecma ExeCom to discuss further.
    • No opposition to making TC39 itself royalty free in preparation to accepting invited experts
  • Groups Update
  • Code of Conduct Committee Report
  • Report from the Ecma Secretariat
  • ECMA 402 Updates
  • Test262 Status Updates