Summary for the 68th meeting of Ecma TC39

Ecma Technical Committee 39 held three day meeting hosted by GoDaddy in Scottsdale, AZ on January 29th - January 31st, 2019. Agenda can be found here.

New Proposals

TC39 discussed 5 new proposals and 4 of them advanced to stage 1

Advanced to Stage 1

Proposal withdrawn

Upon discussion at the committee, following proposal will not seek stage advancement.

Existing Proposals

TC39 discussed 8 proposals for stage advancement and had updates presentation on 3 proposals

Advanced to Stage 2 from Stage 1

Advanced to Stage 4 from Stage 3

Needs more discussion/information

Following proposals did not reach consensus for stage advancement.


Updates on proposals that are not seeking stage advancement

Changes to existing specification

TC39 discussed 4 Pull Requests to existing specification

Consensus Reached Pull Requests

Needs more discussion/information

Open Discussions

Topics related to ECMAScript specification activities that were presented at the meeting.

Updates from ECMA-262 Editors Group

  • ES2019 was finalized at this meeting
  • We will begin the Royalty-Free opt-out period in February
  • ES2019 adds following features to EcmaScript
    • Array#{flat,flatMap}
    • Object.fromEntries
    • String#{trimStart,trimEnd}
    • Symbol#description
    • try { } catch {} optional binding
    • EcmaScript as a syntactic superset of JSON
    • well-formed JSON.stringify
    • stable Array#sort
    • revised Function#toString

Organizational updates