Summary for the 70th meeting of Ecma TC39

Ecma Technical Committee 39 held a three day meeting hosted by Stripe in Berlin, Germany on June 4th to June 6th, 2019. Agenda can be found here.

New Proposals

TC39 advanced 3 new proposals to Stage 1, and one proposal went straight to Stage 2.

Advanced to Stage 1

Advanced from Stage 0 to 2

Existing Proposals

TC39 discussed 11 proposals for stage advancement and had updates presentations on 4 proposals

Advanced to Stage 2 from Stage 1

Advanced to Stage 3 from Stage 2

Advanced to Stage 4 from Stage 3

Needs more discussion/information

Following proposals did not reach consensus for stage advancement.


Updates on proposals that are not seeking stage advancement

Changes to existing specification

TC39 discussed 7 Pull Requests to the existing specification

Consensus Reached Pull Requests

Needs more discussion/information

  • none

Open Discussions

Topics related to ECMAScript specification activities that were presented at the meeting.

Organizational updates