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# dante federici (6 months ago)

With the advent of TypeScript, classes, etc one feature I liked from scala is: ???, the Predef.??? token.

Basically, you can place ??? which would type as whatever the method is typed as (for things like Typescript, Symbol definitions, etc.), and when run, throws the "NotImplementedError".

This is useful when writing libraries or other code -- more readable that "cannot call undefined" when the method is missing, and a nice placeholder for young APIs.

This is basically the same as writing: throw new Error('Unimplemented').

# Naveen Chawla (6 months ago)

Can you give a simple example?

# Augusto Moura (6 months ago)

I think it can be easily implemented with decorators ( tc39/proposal-decorators). Something like @unimplemented.

In my opinion it doesn't offer enough benefits to be added as a new syntax.

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# dante federici (6 months ago)

Simple example (ts):

interface SearchFunc {
    (source: string, subString: string): boolean;

// Later
let mySearch: SearchFunc;
mySearch = function(source: string, subString: string) {  ??? }

Simple example (js):

class MyClass = {
  foo() { return "foo"; }
  bar() { return "bar"; }
class ExtendClass extends MyClass {
    foo(){ ??? }
    bar(){ return `extended bar`; }

// Elsewhere
myRunner = (classInstance) => `${} ::


Decorations would be good for classes, but don't work for regular methods.

I'm not sold we need new syntax for this -- I just find myself reaching for the ??? symbol. Especially in a typed language or in any instance that we have a class and extended paradigm, or when you have a prescribed "object" shape.

# Isiah Meadows (6 months ago)

I would suggest, if you have support in your editor, just making a ??? snippet expand to throw new Error("unimplemented"). I've been doing similar (mod the snippet) for a while, and it's worked pretty well.

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# dante federici (6 months ago)

Not a bad idea -- I agree that it really belongs here, but its value is much higher in something like TypeScript, where you can keep the typing signature but have a missing implementation.

# Isiah Meadows (6 months ago)

Even in TypeScript, never (the type of functions that never return - throwing ≠ returning) is the subtype of all types, even primitives.

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# Thomas Grainger (5 months ago)

const ɁɁɁ = () => { throw new Error('Method not defined'); };

Thomas Grainger

# T.J. Crowder (5 months ago)

On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 8:11 AM, Thomas Grainger <tagrain at> wrote:

const ɁɁɁ = () => { throw new Error('Method not defined'); };

LOL. Awkward to type on most keyboards, though. :-) Suppose one could use some form of auto-correct in one's IDE...

-- T.J. Crowder