deprecate .add/removeEventListener(...) in pro of .on/off(...)

# manuelbarzi (5 months ago)

make it shorter, simpler and more handy

deprecate this


in pro of


make it easier, more intuitive and more readable

button.on(‘click’, e => ...)

form.on('submit', e => ...)

document.on('DOMContentLoaded', () => ...)

(and reduce code length)

# Jordan Harband (5 months ago)

Neither of these methods, nor the DOM itself, are part of the JS language standard - you might be thinking of the HTML standard.

# Isiah Meadows (5 months ago)

It is part of the DOM itself: Doesn't make this any more on-topic here, though.

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# Tab Atkins Jr. (5 months ago)

Jordan meant that DOM isn't part of the JS standard. ^_^ So yeah, not relevant to this list.

# Isiah Meadows (5 months ago)

Oh okay. I misread his response, then.

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