from './foo' import './foo';

# Cyril Auburtin (5 months ago)


from 'name' import something;

be added to ES module grammar?

which would work like the current

import something from 'name';

The advantage is to sort more easily import, and have autocompletion of imported identifiers

edit: Arg, I messed up the title

# Michael J. Ryan (5 months ago)

Personally I like this syntax better, but feel that changing or adding import syntax at this point I'd a non-starter... Not sure what others feel about this one.

# Vladimir Vapirov (5 months ago)

I had the same idea coming from Python to JS. Current import syntax doesn’t allow IDE’s to hint which functions/modules are available for import.

Please see my proposal and let me know your thoughts

vladi-dev/proposal-reverse-import-syntax, vladi-dev/proposal-reverse-import-syntax

# Bob Myers (5 months ago)

You're seriously underestimating how smart IDEs are or can be.

Some IDEs are already suggesting the entire import statement when a symbol is used, based on what's in other modules, package.json, etc. There's no reason why an IDE can't auto-suggest the import name based on undefined symbols in the file, among other things. There's also no compelling reason why you can't type import {} from "module";, then go back and fill in the symbol name inside the {}. You could use a snippet manager to make this semi-painless, defining the snippet as something like import {$2} from "$1";.


# Isiah Meadows (5 months ago)

I already use a similar snippet for const foo = require("bar"), since not all module names are valid identifiers (think: anything with a hyphen), and sometimes I prefer to destructure. In Atom, I currently have a snippet for const ${2:$1} = require("$1") and import ${2:$1} from "$1" that I personally use*, which are incredibly useful (I don't have to specify whether I'm using named, default, or namespace imports, and can just type them as I go, and I also get a helpful default name in the process).

* Well...not currently, thanks to this ugly bug in a recent update: atom/snippets#266

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