Iterator Functions

# Sebastian Malton (a year ago)

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# Pranay Prakash (a year ago)

A buddy of mine has actually been working on implementing array producers/consumers as a library, and I think that's a good solution. i.e. iterators are a nice native addition that can power functionality like this in userland, and library authors can create libraries to make it easier to use in userland.

A quick google search shows me that there are existing libraries that do this ( and what my friend is working on implements a collect method which sounds like the start method you mentioned.

Shameless plug: In the meanwhile, I've been working on a library too that, amongst other things, gives you lazy evaluated list transformations. I'll be talking about it at :)

# Isiah Meadows (a year ago)

I've got a proposal that kind of attacks this from a different angle:

It targets streams, but it can also work with iterables/iterators. In fact, combining functionality that could be exposed to streams and iterators identically was one of the driving reasons I formulated the proposal how it is.

Isiah Meadows me at

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