Proposal: Phase-Invariant Einno Soliton Templates

# Abdul Shabazz (6 months ago)

Of the five (5) known forms of matter:

  1. Solid (well-structured arrangement of tightly bound atoms, found in ice)
  2. Liquid (unstructured arrangement of tightly-bound atoms)
  3. Gas (loose arrangement of atoms)
  4. Plasma (Properties of liquid, electricity, and magnetism found @ the core of our sun)
  5. Bose-Einstein condensates (Properties of gas and phase-invariant liquid, ie. a superfluid)

...Another sixth (6th) form of matter was uncovered six weeks ago at UT Dallas: the "Superfluid Quasicrystal" -- which has the properties of both quasicrystals and superfluids, wherein Quasi crystals have atoms that are arranged in a highly ordered, periodic pattern that is unchanged when you rotate or repeat it, eg. in table salts)

This sixth (6th) form of matter exhibits properties of a Soliton: A Soliton or Einno Soliton Tsunami is a gathering phase-invariant wave that maintains its shape and velocity as it travels through any phase of matter.

An example implementation perhaps in javascript would be:

// file1.jsol

${0} = (lhs,rhs) => { return (lhs ${1} rhs) }

// file2.js

import file1.["add",Symbol.operator.addition] as bar

let foo = bar.add(4,2) // returns 6

// file3.js

import file1.["mul",Symbol.operator.multiplication] as bar

let foo = bar.mul(4,2) // returns 8

# Jordan Harband (6 months ago)

What exactly are you proposing? Do you have a userland library that implements whatever you're proposing? Why are the states of matter in any way relevant to a programming language?

# Abdul Shabazz (6 months ago)

jsol files can be seen as distilled Reductions which are confluent and semi well-founded.

# kdex (6 months ago)

To me, what you're actually seeking to discuss looks less related to physics and more like an extension to ECMAScript's import syntax.

Would you please describe it a little more? A good conversation starter, preferably without any domain-specific context (i.e. physics), would entail:

  • the set of generalized (= non-domain-specific) problems it solves
  • the desugaring you have in mind
  • how a solution to your problem might look without introducing new syntax (ideally also the reasoning why you consider new syntax to be justified)
# Michael Luder-Rosefield (6 months ago)

At this point I fully expect Abdul to describe the Norse, Greek and Hindu pantheons in terms of turbulence physics and give a few pseudocode JS snippets indicating that they can also be used to handle REST requests. And all in 3 short sentences.

# Isiah Meadows (6 months ago)

I personally would prefer that these proposals are specified in terms of what's actually being proposed, rather than in terms of some very elaborate analogy. Symbolic analogies to other tangentially related fields work for teaching existing concepts to intuitive people, but not for drafting and explaining a proposal to a technical audience who already likely at least grasps some of the concepts (and when they don't, they could easily Google it for most things).

And this is also why I've started ignoring these emails. My knee-jerk reaction is to just filter them to the trash, because they're explained too abstractly and intuitively to really describe what's going on, what's really being proposed. I can get them somewhat, after spending 15 minutes disecting what is being said, and that's just not an effective use of time.

Isiah Meadows me at,

# Sanford Whiteman (6 months ago)

I personally would prefer that these proposals are specified in terms of what's actually being proposed

I think what's actually being proposed is that we fall for a troll.

Possibly an academic troll who will later ridicule its victims, viz. the Social Text scandal (

A pity, since I love receiving this list to graze over your and others' intelligent and serious comments on the future of the language.

—— Sandy

# Michael Luder-Rosefield (6 months ago)

I've been suspecting along similar lines, but was reticent to make any outright accusations.

# Abdul Shabazz (6 months ago)

I am not an academic troll: i am actually underemployed at the monent; i enjoy the labor very much, as well as the people i work with.

# T.J. Crowder (6 months ago)

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 12:44 AM, Michael Luder-Rosefield < rosyatrandom at> wrote:

I've been suspecting along similar lines, but was reticent to make any outright accusations.

I came to that conclusion over a week ago. When the account went quiet for a while I frankly assumed it was because a list mod had dealt with it.

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 6:00 AM, Abdul Shabazz <ahshabazz2017 at>


I am not an academic troll:

With all due respect, it's going to take something much more significant than that to make me change my mind, and I suspect I'm not alone. It's going to require taking Isiah's feedback in this thread very seriously, stopping the stream of vague pseudo-suggestions, and if putting something forward in future, stating it in very clear, practical terms in line with previous ones (see and tc39/proposals). It's going to take accepting that if you're not sure something is useful, if you can't present a compelling use case that benefits a significant fraction of JavaScript programmers, then spending your time and ours writing it up and posting it to the list is actively counter-productive.

-- T.J. Crowder

# Abdul Shabazz (6 months ago)

Well i'm sorry you all feel that way. I'll close my account tonight, then.

...Good night,all.