Proposal: Pilot-Wave -based execution flow

# Abdul Shabazz (5 months ago)

A pilot-wave or Pilot is a guiding wave on which other meta-waves can flow, such as a gravity-wave or graviton whose period-length is the entire universe. Pilot-wave -based execution injects the execution flow onto the Pilot, in a pipeline-based fashion.

And, in the event the Pilot fails, the entire pipeline is dropped, and resumed by the next execution flow in the pipeline.

In this way, along with the use of an equality and a built-in reasoning engine to avoid the Alan Turing Halting Problem, a correctly designed flow of execution can be guaranteed never to fail.

# Abdul Shabazz (5 months ago)

A velocity vector can also be added to detect the presence of malware, which in turn can effect the mass. If the mass at any point is changed, then the pipeline is dropped.

# Michael Luder-Rosefield (5 months ago)

can I be the first to say: what

# Waldemar Horwat (5 months ago)

Looks like the process of picking random keywords from one of the interpretations of quantum mechanics and stringing them into nonsensical phrases. See also Cuil Theory.