Proxy Reflect.has() call causes infinite recursion? (#!/JoePea)

# Alex Vincent (8 months ago)

I'm afraid your testcase is still far too complicated to really figure out at first glance. It looks like you're trying to implement a mixin pattern.

In my experience, it's better to implement the getPrototypeOf, getOwnPropertyDescriptor, and defineProperty traps, and maybe make your get, set, and has traps depend on them.

Yes, that means you have to read the ECMAScript specification, section 9.5 carefully. Yes, it's a major pain point. I can only point you to my own efforts in es-membrane to implement the specified traps.


# #!/JoePea (8 months ago)

Any idea why it isn't spamming the console? I mean, if it is recursive, shouldn't it fire my console.logs over and over, like 50,000 times, before finally throwing the error?