PSA: You can find existing proposals at

# Isiah Meadows (6 months ago)

Not TC39, so don't read this as official communication.

I've lately been seeing the occasional suggestion that's already been considered by TC39 and accepted, so I just wanted to give a public service announcement that you can find all the various existing proposals TC39 has considered (Stage 1-4), as well as many conceptual proposals that members have created and championed but haven't yet brought before the committee (Stage 0), here: tc39/proposals

That repository includes a few interesting things proposed in the last few months on this list, such as:

So before you propose something, please check there first. You might find it's already being considered, and if your proposal would differ significantly from theirs and you feel yours is better, it's best to give feedback in that proposal's repo, so it's more likely to get noticed and heard by the appropriate audience.

Isiah Meadows contact at,

# Frederick Stark (6 months ago)

There's also, which is much more readable. It generates it's content by scraping the GitHub pages, so should usually be up to date

# T.J. Crowder (6 months ago)

On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 11:05 PM Frederick Stark <coagmano at> wrote:

There's also

(Interested, he clicks link.)

...which is much more readable.

(Recoiling, he reminds himself that "more readable" is a deeply subjective concept. ;-) )

-- T.J. Crowder