Since we're discussing arrow functions and syntax...

# Michael Rosefield (a year ago)

I like arrow functions, and sometimes the only reason I don't use them is because I need this-binding.

So I, personally would like a variant that uses the CoffeeScript -> syntax

that is precisely like => except that it uses traditional this-binding. The

only 2 issues I can see are:

  • adding more syntax to the language
  • could the concise form bind this? Would, say `const foo = obj ->

Object.assign(obj,, if then used, say, as follows:const baz = { bar: { /whatever/ } };, { /* something */ })`

# kai zhu (a year ago)

-1 this is user-hostile to c++ programmers writing wasm / node-native modules, when they context-switch c++ <-> javascript

# Andrea Giammarchi (a year ago)

I was for it before ES6 and they told me it was "an arrow too far"

however, object methods shortcuts are better than arrows and methods is the only place where you need this

# dante federici (a year ago)

I'd check out the bind and pipe operators: tc39/proposal-bind-operator, tc39/proposal-pipeline-operator

But my problems are => and -> would really lead to some sadness.