the syntax let decorators ?

# 郑宇光 (a year ago)

do you like syntax like this

let a = 1;

function inc(value) {
  return value + 1;

I write a plugin to enable this syntax for test, javascript let decorators

# Andy Earnshaw (a year ago)

I don't like this syntax. let can be used to declare multiple variables, so how does this work?

let a = 1,
    b = 2;

Does it only decorate the first, or does it decorate all? Either way, I don't think it's flexible enough to be compatible with certain coding styles. If it is ever going to work, the decorator should come before the variable name:

let @inc a = 1,
    @inc b = 2;
# 郑宇光 (a year ago)

add link to place where discussion happened

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