Touch/Trackpad finger position

# Felipe Nascimento de Moura (a year ago)

If I'm being too crazy here, please let me know!

What would it require for us to have an API to get the exact position of fingers/touches from the trackpad? (even it not pressed)

For example, let's say someone wants to write a WebApp in which you could sign something, or simply use a (good) handwriting feature instead of pressing/clicking.

This is a feature that is supported for native apps... I wonder why it shouldn't be supported for the web :)

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# Eli Perelman (a year ago)

The ECMAScript language deals with semantics around the specific programming language, while native interactions are supplied by the host environment, e.g. Node.js and the browser. This is why interactions like window and document events are defined by W3C and friends, and strictly-language items are handled by ES.

You'll probably want something like Touch Events, defined by the host environment:

# Isiah Meadows (a year ago)

Also, for future reference, these kinds of feature requests belong in the WHATWG's mailing lists, not here.

# /#!/JoePea (a year ago)

The best place to ask about this is probably somewhere here: I'm not sure which repo this topic would be in, but you can kindly ask about which repo to post in once you've opened an issue in the repo you think is most related. My guess would be

# Felipe Nascimento de Moura (a year ago)

Very interesting. Thanks :) It was so close, Isiah! The problem with the current API is that you can "jump" from one place to another.

Let's say I draw an "A" in the left side of my trackpad, then I draw a "B" in the right side of the trackpad. On the screen, they will overlap, with both letters in the same place.

I will ask them there, Joe.

Thanks a lot, folks :)