Cancel Token proposal withdrawl

# Isiah Meadows (a year ago)

The latest proposal has been withdrawn due to Google resistance regarding performance. What concerns did they have, and with what parts? It's hard to figure out what the problem is and come up with ideas when it's all smoke and mirrors. And yes, I've tried searching for any traces of an answer, but I've found pretty much none, using multiple search engines.

Please, could I get some sort of idea what is actually wrong with the proposal, what's driving them to be so strongly against it? :-(

# Domenic Denicola (a year ago)

Why do you say "regarding performance"? That seems made up with no evidence.

# Isiah Meadows (a year ago)

Okay...I may have misremembered the general reason (I thought I saw perf concerns stated somewhere, but I can't remember precisely where), but I've yet to see anything significant in the open about why they were so against it. That's why I'm asking what drove them against it.

# Isiah Meadows (a year ago)

I do suspect most of these will end up answered in the next meeting's notes, though. Hopefully, they do. So on that note, I'll let this sit for a bit longer (and probably re-ask then if it ends up not addressed).