ES6 Timeline

# Nathan Wall (11 years ago)

I really think you're all doing an awesome job with the development of the future of the language, especially all the work Allen's putting into the drafts.  I'm really dying to start using some of these features.

Last I heard (probably over a year ago), the plan was to have ES6 out by the end of this year...  It still looks like there's a good bit of work to be done for things to be finalized.  Are there any updates on when we can hope to have a finalized ES6?

# Juriy Zaytsev (11 years ago)

Finalized spec or finalized implementations?

A lot of things are already being implemented (with varying levels of conformance, of course) in latest versions of engines (from browsers to node) —

# Nathan Wall (11 years ago)

Yes, thanks, I'm aware of that. Of course there's a "use at your own risk" understanding. I've even implemented a simple transpiler at my work place so that we can start using things that I'm pretty sure are going to be in like rest params, spread operator, destructuring... but it's hard to convince everyone this is a good idea since the spec is not finalized and things can change from under your feet (we all remember ES4).

So I'm asking about the spec itself.

# Rick Waldron (11 years ago)
# Allen Wirfs-Brock (11 years ago)

A bit of an update. The major items left to integrate into the spec, are the modules and promises specifications. Both of those feature are planning on having complete spec-delta level feature spec. drafts reviewed at the Nov. 19-21. TC39 meeting and and after that they will be integrated into the main spec. In addition, there are a few other loose ends and edge cases to finish up. The goal is then to have a "feature complete" draft by the end of this calendar year. That will be a complete, but not necessarily bug free draft that is ready for production implementors to tackle. Hopefully, at the January TC39 meeting we will declare that to be the official ES6 "Candidate" draft.

For ES6, 2014 should be a year of cleanup and minor refinement. We will take implementor feedback, if necessary make tweaks based on that feedback, fix spec. bugs, and possibly make some editorial improvements to the spec. If this all goes well, in Dec. 2014 ES6 will be submitted to the Ecma General Assembly for approval as an Ecma standard.

There is still plenty of work to do to reach the Ecma standard stage in Dec 2014, but from a feature perspective ES6 should be "done" within the next 3 months.

# Brian Di Palma (11 years ago)

Thanks Rick,

From my reading of that schedule we could hope to have ES6 features like modules and classes ready for use in production code (via something like traceur) by Q1 next year? The June/July/Dec 2014 dates are simply dot the i's and cross the t's milestones, standardisation bureaucracy?

In other words we won't have significant changes to the language and we can finally start to integrate ES6 into production codebases?

# Brian Di Palma (11 years ago)

On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 3:55 PM, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at> wrote:

There is still plenty of work to do to reach the Ecma standard stage in Dec 2014, but from a feature perspective ES6 should be "done" within the next 3 months.

Excellent news, thanks for the summary.