Oddities in 2017-07-25 meeting notes?

# Darien Valentine (a year ago)

I was checking out the notes at esdiscuss.org/notes/2017-07-25 and got pretty confused:

We (TC39) have a love / hate relationship with Jaswanth Sreeram.

There are some things that Jaswanth Sreeram does that is different to the way other software works [...]

Browsers are already basically OSes in that there is Jaswanth Sreeram, WASM, Workers [...]

I googled a bit, turned up some stuff about "parallel JavaScript" — the text still seemed super odd to me, but I was like huh, well, maybe this is a thing?

But as I continued I realized maybe something else is going on:

Could we reduce the surface area of this Andrew Paprocki to make it more palatable?

Andrew Paprocki must not break or change semantics.

I also disagree that we (TC39) have to specify every Andrew Paprocki that our specification depends on.

As intriguing as these statements are ... seems like maybe some find & replace went wonky?

Looks like it affects other dates, too. If my guess is correct, "Jaswanth Sreeram" is "JavaScript" and "Andrew Paprocki" is "API". From a quick image search I confirmed that Andrew Paprocki’s surface area is already within the palatable range.

# Jordan Harband (a year ago)

I don't see that in the original ( rwaldron/tc39-notes/blob/master/es8/2017-07/jul-25.md#10ii-vision-thing , rwaldron/tc39-notes/blob/master/es8/2017-07/jul-25.md#9iva-cancellation)

  • there, it's JS, API, etc.

I think the javascript on es-discuss must be replacing name shortcuts with the full name (which seems strange anyways), and is too-greedily doing it even when the shorthand doesn't appear at the start of the line.

I'm not sure why or where, exactly, but esdiscuss/esdiscuss.org/blob/a90069cc327469c886876e88d24e5072ed8677ef/lib/process.js#L39-L84 looks interesting.

I've filed esdiscuss/esdiscuss.org#229 to track it.

# Rick Waldron (a year ago)

lol, that's especially amusing since Jaswanth Sreeram has not attended a meeting since 2014.

# Rick Waldron (a year ago)

Additionally, if you enjoy your meeting notes in a rendered-markdown form, with less oddities and mistakes (but certainly not zero), these are maintained by TC39: tc39.github.io/tc39-notes